5 Essential Tips To Prepare Your Business For Easter

April 4, 2017

For many of Australia’s small businesses, Easter is more than just a weekend devoted to gorging yourself on chocolate shaped bunnies and eggs.

Depending on what industry you’re in – you’re either in a frenzy to get staff and inventory sorted for a busy period, or preparing for some a well-deserved time off over the long weekend. Preparation is key in either case, and that’s why we’ve put together 5 essential tips to get your business ready for the Easter weekend.

Get the word out

It’s important to keep your customer base informed of your availability over the holiday weekend. This is especially important for SMEs in the hospitality industry. While some cafes and restaurants will be closed, it’s important to get the word out if you’re staying open – if you hope to take advantage of the reduced competition. Jump on Facebook or Instagram to make a social post, update Google My Business with the ‘Special Hours’ feature to reach those searching for a place that’s open, or if you’re in brick and mortar retail and hospitality; you can get creative with a sandwich board out front to let customers know you’re in business.


Try some Easter incentives for customers

Across a variety of SME industries, purchases can be incentivized by adding small festive extras; It could be as simple as adding a little Easter Egg with each purchase, an Easter special offer, a free hot cross bun with every meal or coffee order, or taking a gold coin to guess how many Easter eggs are in a jar. Get festive, and have fun with it.


That applies to staff as well

Easter is traditionally a time to relax and spend time with families, with staff working over the weekend, they’re sacrificing some of the time they’d otherwise spend with family and friends. A small gesture to boost morale can do wonders to improve their performance over the weekend. A chocolate Easter bunny will do more than just give them a sugar rush, acknowledging your staff’s efforts is a proven method to increase productivity.


Get the kids involved

Although Easter can be a stressful time of year for adults, no one likes Easter more than kids. It’s a magical time of year for them and can create a great opportunity for SMEs in retail and hospitality to engage with families by hosting events like an Easter egg hunt, or egg decorating activity. Or of course, feel free to take one for the team by braving the Australian heat in the fur and polyester, and organize a visit from the ‘Easter Bunny’.


Stay on top of your finances

For those SMEs keeping busy over Easter, it can be difficult to source the funds required to employ staff on holiday penalty rates, improve displays for an event, and cover the cost of extra stock. For those taking the time off, you’ll still have to keep on top of invoices and pay wages for the time you aren’t receiving income. In either scenario, cashflow is key, and getting access to the funds you need is simple and easy with a Kikka unsecured line of credit. Sign up for free, with no paperwork required. You’ll receive an instant decision for a line of credit up to $100k, and you’ll only pay for what you use.

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