A slow start or unanticipated event can quickly drain the financial resources of a franchise

A slow start or unanticipated event can quickly drain the financial resources of a franchise. This situation impacts your ability to manage the ongoing financial obligations of rent, inventory and mandatory staff training costs.

Franchisees often need a financial buffer to weather unexpected situations. A business line of credit offers you the flexibility to smooth your cash flow, giving you control over what and when you use your line of credit. Unfortunately, many banks make it hard to gain access to this funding. You often have to pay upfront fees to establish your line of credit, and ongoing fees throughout the life of the business loan.

Kikka wants to support you to maintain and grow your business. Our business line of credit can give you access to up to $100K, with an application completed and assessed in less than 10 minutes. We’ll generate an offer that you can use today, save for a rainy day or for the next big opportunity. You’ll only pay if you need it, and you can save some for later if you don’t need it all now.

A Kikka business line of credit provides the flexibility to apply the funds to any part of your business.

Examples include:

  • Fund a fit out or renovation
  • Purchase or replace equipment and uniforms
  • Recruit staff
  • Increase marketing activity

Get the franchise finance you need with from Kikka. Contact us today to learn more about our line of credit fees and options and use our business loan calculator to figure out how you can keep serving customers at a high level.

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  • No upfront fees, repay early and save
  • Use cash for any business purpose you like

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