Solve your cash flow problems with flexible access to working capital

Your Kikka line of credit

  • Unsecured, no need to put up your house or assets as collateral
  • Sign up for free, no paperwork
  • No upfront fees, repay early and save
  • Only pay for what you use, simple payment terms
  • Use cash for any business purpose you like

Minimum eligibility:

  • An active ABN/ACN, registered for at least 12 months.
  • Monthly turnover of at least $10,000.

Compare Kikka

Application requirements
KIKKA: 100% online and automated. Link your business bank account and other data sources to assess your application and you're done.
LOAN: Income statements, tax records, collateral, personal assets and liabilities, details of how the funds will be used.
KIKKA: No upfront fees, sign up is free and you only pay for what you use. If you repay early, you save!
LOAN: Often have application, establishment, account keeping and early repayment fees.
Time to apply
KIKKA: Minutes
LOAN: Hours^
Time to decision
KIKKA: Instant decision based on access to real-time business information. Qualify for up to $100K straight away.
LOAN: Up to several months+
KIKKA: Draw down as little as $1K at a time or the whole amount you've been offered. Pay for only what you use.
LOAN: One lump sum, all of which is interest bearing.
Customer service
KIKKA: Dedicated local customer support
LOAN: Call centre based customer service team, often outsourced

* Comparisons have been obtained via publically available sources. Individual response times or terms with other providers could vary to that stated above.

^ Average time taken to complete an application for a traditional loan is typically linked to the value of and purpose of the loan.

+ Kikka can assess your application in minutes when we are able to obtain your business data and verify your bank account details online. If an error occurs during the sign-up process, it may take up to several days to provide you with access to funds.

Free to sign up. No obligation to borrow.

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