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David Brennan

Chief Executive Officer David founded Kikka in 2015 with a vision to change the way Australian businesses access the finance they need to grow, with an innovative, secure and flexible approach to providing access to finance for Australian businesses. He owns every Apple product on the market and a fair few pairs of sneakers he never intends on wearing.

Jeremy Loftus

Chief Financial Officer Jeremy has over 20 years financial management experience, including 15 years in CFO positions. In his spare time, when he is not building a better spreadsheet, he can be found either playing lego or picking up toys strewn all over the house.

Barbara McGirr

Head of Customer Experience Barb McGirr, or Barbara (as she doesn’t like to be known) has more than 10 years’ experience in customer service, collections, and credit management, with a specific focus on financial services and lending. Barb is our resident Kiwi, and graciously keeps the biscuit tin stocked with goodies from the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Ben Bibbings

Chief Technology Officer Ben has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT sector, working within industries such as Manufacturing, Warehousing, Sales, Hosted Services and Security. Originally from Australia, he lived in the UK for 20 years graduating from Aberystwyth University just in time for the Millennium Bug. In his spare time he can be found working on his car, at the racetrack, or studying a 2nd language.


Chief Morale Officer Kikka’s Chief Morale Officer, (King) Louis, is more than qualified for his position. Louis has spent all four months of his life in Financial Services, specializing in the fields of stress reduction and morale promotion. He prefers to work mobile and can be found around the office warming his colleague’s laps and tearing apart plush dinosaurs.

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