Board of Directors

We’ve assembled a wealth of lending experience.
We're real people, working hard, all with the vision of helping your business grow.

Tony Brennan

Director Tony is a Chartered Accountant with a career spanning 36 years. He was previously a partner in a national accounting firm where he advised small businesses and has extensive hands-on experience in financial management. Since leaving accounting in 1990, he has played a leading role in numerous ASX and London Stock Exchange listed companies.

David Brennan

Director David is the Founder of Kikka Capital. In 2013, David and his team entered the Australian Credit market and built a highly efficient full-service online loan origination platform to allow underserviced Australian customers fast and frictionless access to personal finance. In his position as Executive Director, he is responsible for future product innovation.

Jeff McCarthy

Director Jeff has built a career on driving growth for technology-driven disruptive lending companies, and now brings that experience to Kikka. Until recently, Jeff was a Managing Director at LC Advisors, LLC (LCA), California. During his tenure, Lending Club originations went from approximately $25m a month to over $250m a month, and assets at LCA reached over $800m USD from a base of approximately $20m USD.

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