Introducing our new partner friends at TorFX

December 16, 2016

At Kikka, we’re always on the lookout for other Australian companies that are delivering great value and service to the small business community

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with TorFX; leaders in international money transfer and foreign exchange transactions.

There are huge cost savings to be made in international money transfers for the small and medium Australian importers and exporters who have always turned to the major banks for assistance in converting their bills and invoices to Australian dollars.

Alternatives outside the major banks for foreign exchange (FX) can offer slimmer margins on transfers and competitive packaging.

TorFX are one such alternative; an award winning market leader in assisting Australian business owners transfer money safely and securely between countries, whilst in the safe knowledge that they have saved money by achieving a highly competitive exchange rate.

Whether your business is paying a foreign currency invoice or receiving payments from overseas for goods that you are exporting, the exchange rate and timing when you make the transaction can be crucial to your company’s profit.

TorFX can provide your business access to a range of services that can be tailored to meet your company’s requirements, such as forward contracts, limit orders and stop loss orders.

Forward contracts in particular are favoured by many Australian business owners when budgeting against possible future currency fluctuations, allowing them to fix an exchange rate in advance.

To receive a free exchange rate quote, compare a previous rate from your bank or speak to a personal business account manager to discuss your company’s currency exchange requirements, please contact them here.

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