Dave and Granny’s Road to The Royal Show – Part V, The Results

October 7, 2016

Kikka’s well preserved secret – the making of Dave and Granny’s champion marmalade”

The cumquats have been picked. The marmalade has been made. Dave’s Toyota Prado has delivered the goods. The many delicious culinary creations have graced the Judge’s taste buds. And the results are in.

Dave and Granny’s Marmalade makes it’s way up the podium yet again to sit in 2nd place! Another nail-biting finish as Dave and Granny pull up as this year’s bridesmaid at The IGA Perth Royal Show

Dave is all smiles as he sees the famous family preserve sitting on the podium yet again, pulling out the bunny ears for 2nd place

Just pipped at the post by a multi-talented local by the name of Reuben Kooperman, taking out the top spots in Marmalade and Dukkah/Spice Rub, with a third place in Flavoured Vinegar. Congratulations to Reuben, and all those who entered! You really gave our heroes a run for their money.

A big thank you to those of you that visited the Perth Royal Show this year and couldn’t go past the cookery pavilion without taking a sneaky snap. We received quite few pictures from our readers of Dave and Granny’s Marmalade donning the red ribbon!

A big thanks to one of Dave and Granny’s biggest fans, Stewart Harris, for playing paparazzi and providing us with this snap

We’ve come a long way here on Dave and Granny’s Road to The Royal Show. As tasty as their marmalade is, Dave and Granny never expected to see their preserve on the podium again, let alone on the news! It caught us all by surprise as Dave and Granny made their way onto ABC’s 7 O’Clock News last Friday, with a few more avid readers sending in snaps of the coverage

Raymond Andrews sent in this snap of him having a chuckle as our “Jam Champs” appear on screen. However, I think Granny may need to educate The ABC on the difference between marmalade and jam

But all along Dave and Granny were never in it for the fame, or the $15 in cold hard cash they got for coming 2nd. Dave simply wanted to spend some quality time with his Granny, just as he’d done as a boy, with the smell of warm stewing fruit bubbling up from the stove.

These days, work can take over too much of our time, and distract us from what’s most important. Time with family. Less time with family and friends is often the first sacrifice we make to accommodate mounting stress from work, and even when we are with them, work is all that’s on our minds. I think a lesson we can all take from Dave and Granny’s Road to The Royal Show, isn’t just a half-secret recipe for Marmalade. But perhaps we can take a cue from Dave, and take a step back, and go around to our Granny’s place for a cuppa. If financial pressure from your business is causing this stress for you, and Granny is left without someone to share a packet of Family Assorted with, then maybe Kikka can help you.

Thank you for joining us – from everyone at the Kikka Team, Granny included

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