Dave and Granny’s Road to The Royal Show – Part II, The Two Trees

September 12, 2016

Kikka’s well preserved secret – the making of Dave and Granny’s champion marmalade”

Now that the well-preserved secret of Dave and Granny’s show stopping kumquat marmalade is out in the open, we can reveal a few more secrets about the history of the sweet preserve…

In last week’s instalment of Dave and Granny’s Road to The Royal Show, we revealed that our multi-talented Head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, David Weir, is an award-winning Marmalade champion with his Granny.

Dave just couldn’t believe it when he saw his and Granny’s marmalade at the top of the podium last year bearing the blue ribbon.

“Granny’s always had a small kumquat tree at her house. A few years back I was looking at buying a new house. I noticed one had a kumquat tree in the front and instantly knew that I just had to buy it” says Dave.

Since then, the two trees – Dave’s and Granny’s – have brought two generations together for ritual fruit picking.

It’s kumquat season again. The fruit is ripe for the picking and the competition is, yet again, ripe for the taking.

“Now whenever it’s in season, I pick the kumquats from the tree while Granny holds the bucket.”

The fruit then undergoes “strict review” from both Granny and Dave. They select only the best kumquats to put into their preserve.

“We believe this may be one of the secrets to our marmalade – the fact the fruit is from two trees. That, and Granny’s recipe.”

Much like the Colonel’s Chicken, the recipe has been closely guarded for generations. Only a select few family members know the key ingredients.

Next week, Granny will be welcoming us into her kitchen to see what few have seen before, as the duo whip up a fresh batch of the show stopping marmalade ahead of this year’s competition at Perth’s Royal Show…

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